Sunday, January 30, 2011

In a Season of Fog

Inhale . . .

Exhale . . .

Breath of earth . . .

With the fall of eventide the ocean sighs a soft slow breath and the fog overwhelms the shore in giant-scale waves like the ones that crash on the beach. Air weighs heavy, time suspends, vision diminishes and things of size and substance disappear as everything is swallowed in the swirl of minute drops of water flowing like the ocean from whence they came.

Fog has been a frequent visitor this winter, more so than any other I remember.  One night as I drove, fog lights brightening the cloud around me, the fog was so thick, I literally could not tell where I was.  All the usual landmarks and street signs, intersections and buildings were completely shrouded from sight.  At times I couldn't even tell where the curb was to follow the contour of the street. Even though I was never more than 3 miles from home, on a route that practically has my own personal groove in it from repeated trips, I could not navigate in the fog.  

Is this my turn?  NO! Just a driveway! Where is the road? Is this where it curves up over the hill? I can't tell!

Where AM I?

So I turned on my car's navigation system.  

Okay . . . sigh of relief . . . confidence restored . . . now I know where I am!

I still had to go more slowly than usual, because I still couldn't see much farther than my windshield, but with the perspective of the map and the GPS marker showing me where I was, my feelings of disorientation and fear of making a wrong turn went away.

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'” Isaiah 30:21 NIV
He of the guiding voice knows where I am!  He knows every turn I should make and every obstacle that could trip me up--I must listen to Him!

He knows the way.

In a moment of clarity, I notice . . . I get it!

It is much less about where I am and so much more about where He is!

He is right behind me!

Did you see that?  "your ears will hear a voice behind you,"

The fog of uncertainty may cloud my view for a season, but it never clouds His!  He is the quintessential navigation system, and unlike the one in my car, God never misreads my location, sending me on wild goose chases.  He is the circle that surrounds me and shows me where I am, where I'm going and how to get there.

"For we live by faith, not by sight."

One more thing about fog--in the morning, the sunlight burns it away to reveal the glory of a new day. As the fog pulls back like a curtain, clear vision greets your eyes as if for the first time--you see it as never before, not as a given, not as something expected and taken for granted, but as a joyous and precious gift to be celebrated and for which to give Him thanks--God, the One who never loses sight of you!

What do you do when you can't see the way ahead?
How have you experienced God as your personal navigator?

Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude Monday
I hope you'll join in if you haven't already!

In the counting of the endless gifts I say with C. S. Lewis,
"This also is Thou!"

266. That She So Sweet still likes to call me "Mimi" like she did when she was a baby
267. That I secretly like Drummer Boy's new nickname for me, but don't tell him I said so ;)
268. She So Sweet's confidence when she had to referee two basketball games without a partner on her second night ever!  "Let's get this game started!" she said and went to do her job.  I admire that girl!!
269. That this fender bender only hurt car metal and my feelings
270. That Hero Husband was full of the Fruit of the Spirit when I called--love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
271. For She So Sweet's giving heart and the cookies she made to help me feel better
272. For Drummer Boy's late night antics and zany sense of humor that made me laugh when I thought I couldn't
273. Peet's Coffee at home to start my day
274. Ozonol & band-aids
275. Clean towels, neatly folded
276. Receiving one of my own greeting cards they sent to thank me (I love my Mommy and Daddy!)
277. My dishwasher
278. Our new thermostat that works beautifully, and Hero Husband who installed it!
279. For our troops and their families who serve our country with such courage
280. That when I feel powerless in the face of violent images from Egypt, I can pray for the people living through those frightening events, and the leaders who have decisions to make.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

So That You May Overflow

My keyboard has been beckoning.

I have been avoiding.

My mind is a blank.  A void, empty, white page.

The old fear oozes and drips from my workspace in the dining room and I recoil even as I am drawn close.  I deeply long to write, but . . . what if I've had my last idea worth writing for eyes other than my own?  What if I've already shown my last picture worth seeing?  What if my own limitations are all I have to draw from and all my ideas are exhausted?

Fear notwithstanding, it is hope that drives me to sit once more, to finger-dance across the keys whose letters are wearing off, to haltingly put the spark of an idea into black-on-white.  It is hope that pulls me like a magnet to grab my camera and go in search of inspiration--IT always finds ME!

Fear notwithstanding . . . because ultimately fear never can withstand HOPE.

Hope--the silver lining that compels me to KNOW the sun is above and beyond the menacing cloud!

Hope--the WILL to TRY before the idea has shown its face . . . the lens through which my eye SEEKS and captures light, the light of glory . . . God's glory . . . my precious Jesus who is the Light of the World and the eternal WORD!

Hope--not the "I hope so" kind of hope, but HOPE that flows out of faith in something beyond certainty, faith in the promise of the One who cannot lie!

My own limitations only drive me to Him!  What a blessing to have no delusions of self-sufficiency! What a weird, backwards gift to know through and through that I am empty . . . empty enough for Him to fill me.

The fact that I am limited means I am made to overflow.
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."  Romans 15:13 NIV
May every word I write, every picture I take, every song I sing and every smile I share be drenched in joy and peace and trust and OVERFLOWING HOPE.  God made us to be overflow-ers!  I need the overflow of Him through you--you give me hope!  Wonder of wonders, He made me to overflow something of Him to bless you and give you hope.  I don't know how you found me today, whether it's your first time here or your tenth--I am humbled that you're here.  I pray that somehow, God's hope will overflow from this cracked and very limited vessel to bless your seeking heart wherever you are.

Do you ever feel like you've had your last good idea?
How do you find your silver lining?


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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Lesson From Hezekiah's War Room


Sometimes you look up and all you can see is a tangle of details and circumstances and you can't begin to see a way through.  Ever been there?

Maybe for you it is the daily chaos of being a young mom with little ones, trying to cope with all the demands on your time and energy.

Or maybe your tangle is the pit-in-your-stomach-producing thought of your finances in this very uncertain economy.

Maybe you have big responsibilities at work and the expectations from above and the truth on the ground seem impossible to reconcile.

Maybe for you it is the weight of your own potential and the feeling that you don't know how to put it all together or that your resources don't match your dreams.

For Hezekiah, king of Judah, it was a threatening, taunting, mocking letter from Sennacharib, king of Assyria who was trying to undermine his leadership and take over Judah.  The threats were real, devastating attack was imminent and everything was at stake.  But Hezekiah, unlike so many kings before and after him, was a godly king and he knew what to do.
"Hezekiah received the letter from the messengers and read it. Then he went up to the temple of the LORD and spread it out before the LORD. And Hezekiah prayed to the LORD . . ."  Isaiah 37:14-15 NIV

Hezekiah turned his eyes from the looming threats in front of him and looked up . . . to the LORD!

As I studied this story, these pivotal events in Hezekiah's life jumped off the page!  Imagine with me in your mind's eye the moment when Hezekiah is given a scroll bearing the royal seal of his enemy. Watch as he opens the scroll to read words that promise doom for everything that matters to him and that mock the God of Israel as powerless to save him and his people.  Can you see it?  Now watch as Hezekiah goes immediately to the temple where he kneels and spreads that scroll out before the Lord, and begins to pray to the God he KNOWS is powerful to save.  I love that picture!

" . . . and spread it out before the Lord."

Hezekiah went to God as his primary advisor.  The temple was his war room where he went to consult with the One who could best tell him how to proceed with the enemy at the gate.  He did not want to see God's reputation damaged by this godless and arrogant king!

Do you know what God did?  He was so pleased with Hezekiah for consulting with Him above all others that He sent word through the prophet Isaiah promising that God Himself would defend Judah and that Sennacharib would not even enter Jerusalem or fire one arrow against her!  God fulfilled every one of the promises he made to Hezekiah in response to his prayer of faith over that spread out scroll!  I hope you will go read the whole story in Isaiah 37 to see how God miraculously and powerfully defended His people and the godly king who led them by following God!

Whatever it is that looms before us, appearing as an impossible obstacle to overcome, I pray that we will remember Hezekiah and that like him we will "spread it out before the Lord."  In looking up and consulting God as our primary Advisor, Confidante, Helper and Guide, our view will clear and the tangle will give way to God's promises too!

"He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for His name’s sake."
How does Hezekiah's example help you?
What do you learn about God from His response to Hezekiah's prayer?

Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude Monday
I hope you'll join in if you haven't already!
In the counting of the endless gifts I say with C. S. Lewis,
"This also is Thou!"


251. For prayers going up from close by and from across borders to help us through difficult days
252. The unity of this family, we four are privileged to be together in this life
253. The honesty that said the hard things and the Spirit who kept us from losing control
254. For one in the room who spoke with love
255. Drummer Boy who bowed low to stand tall in godly character
256. People who understood, people who expressed bewilderment like ours, people who were there when they didn't have to be
257. "This too shall pass"--the relief when it has passed!
258. Sweet Kim at Starbucks who made it fun and gave us free food =)
259. Drummer Boy's shifted focus and forward-looking, eagerly planning his way ahead
260. Solitude
261. For Hezekiah who shows us how to "spread it out before the Lord" and pray!
262. She So Sweet's love for cooking and the way she blessed us with a beautiful, delicious dinner that we ate all TOGETHER, around the table!
263. That She So Sweet and Drummer Boy are not only brother and sister, but best friends!
264. For time with Hero Husband at Peet's and for the great conversation
265. That we finally watched some football--together!!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stumbling Heavenward

I don't know whether I'm relieved . . . or numb . . . or just quiet.  I'm glad it's over.  It had better be over.

There is just so much to process.  I want to do like I always told my kids about playground politics at school and "be a duck"--to just let it all slide off my back like a drop of water off a duck's feathers.  I want to . . . but it's hard.  The tape in my head keeps looping on the words they chose and threw at him--words that charged, tried and convicted . . . words without understanding . . . or grace.  I keep seeing my mind's video of the superior expressions, the smiles that felt cold, the judgmental, down-the-nose looks, the moments of thinly veiled aggression that felt so out of place, there of all places.

It felt like a room full of fences that divided us from each other.

I recall too that there were words of real understanding and reaching out from one who sounded genuine.  Finally a moment that felt like love. I try to hold on to the light of that moment.  I try to magnify that part of what was otherwise so, so difficult an encounter.

The youngest one in the room agreed to make it right . . . again . . . because they so desperately seemed to need it.  He didn't understand why they had kept such a record of wrongs.  He couldn't figure out why so many people had been talking about him to each other and not to him.  He was baffled by the assumptions they made about him, someone they barely knew.  How could something so small, so human, so unintended have grown to such outrageous proportions?

Where was the grace that belonged in that room?

The moment of truth came a day later, and he stood tall . . . so uncommonly tall, in a room swimming with eyes all fixed on his.  Mama Grizzly and Hero Husband sat together in the front row, there only for him.  He spoke his words, humble words, genuinely apologetic words that asked the swimming eyes to forgive.

I hope they did.  I believe they did.

He graciously accepted hugs and handshakes, smiles and odds-and-ends of thanks, support and advice. Some even expressed surprise that so much was being made of so little--they appreciated his willingness to come--more love light to magnify. He made his way slowly through them, briefly concealing his eagerness to head home and shake off almost two months of stress like dust off his feet.  He is more than ready to move forward in his walk with God and in using the gifts God has given him.

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young,
but set an example for the believers
in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."

When will God's people learn that every one of us is stumbling heavenward?

I can't stop thinking about a story my daddy tells about a guy watching a football practice where he observes the star of the team running drills.  The star was coming back from a devastating injury and he moved with an obvious limp.  The guy watching said to the coach, "Gee, he's limping pretty bad," to which the coach replied, "Yeah, but he's limpin' better!"

We can either pounce on missteps and chastise people for having a limp, knocking their good foot out from under them, or we can say, "Hey, you might be limpin', but you're limpin' better, and I understand, cause I'm limpin' better too. It's okay--God's not finished with me either."

My prayer is that we will do the latter and live lives of grace toward one another, recognizing that only God has access to the inside of a heart--He is the only One who can fix what's broken and what's not finished yet. I pray that we will give each other room to be where we are and to encourage one another on our way, and finally to pour love into the broken places between us because that is what Jesus did.  He actually WAS perfect and didn't have to put up with our brokenness, but love drove everything He did.  Oh that His imperfect but blood-bought brothers and sisters would overflow with HIS love to one another above all else.  This is why Jesus said,
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35

How do expectations impact your relationships with people?
How can we demonstrate love and grace to the people who stumble and bump into us?
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Words that Ring On

"It's your heart, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words.
 . . . Words are powerful; take them seriously."
Sitting in the library, I work.  I study.  I stretch my ideas out, smoothing out wrinkles and unfolding them to see what they are.

There, surrounded by syllables, I can feel the thrum of thoughts, all those thoughts in all those books.  In the quiet I can hear clanking swords . . . and tender declarations of love . . . and the roar of cheering crowds as I feel the unseen motion of the countless pulsing stories.

Oh the stories that ride on words!

Real and imagined, the good ones are ALL true stories.

I plunge in . . . in to the flow of word-smithing and I pursue my King who is the Word.  He is the origin of all human desire to make known the thoughts we think.  He desired to communicate, and we as His image-bearers, desire to communicate too.  It is evidence of our likeness to Him that we want to sculpt and play and work in words.

Other things ride on words too . . .

. . . ideas . . . history . . . emotion . . . creation . . . salvation . . . instruction . . . humor . . . wisdom . . . praise . . . healing . . . reconciliation . . . dreams . . . hope . . . LOVE . . . can you add to the list I can't seem to end?

With the limitless possibilities, both good and bad, how well do I choose my words?  Is there eternity in my words here on my blog? to my husband? to my children? to friends? to people who rub me the wrong way? to God?

I think, for as much as we know about using words to convey our thoughts from our minds out into the wide world, there is more that we don't know about how truly powerful words can be for good or for evil.  Hero Husband wrote in his blog Leadership Perspectives today about the impact of four small words uttered by Martin Luther King whose life we celebrate on this holiday Monday--"I have a dream."  Those four small words are small no more!  Even when you read those words silently to yourself, you can't help hearing the ECHO of historic import ringing, ringing, ringing from where they were spoken on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial--they have been continuously ringing for more than four and a half decades and they ring on! WORDS!!

Oh to write words that ring on and on and on! Words that could live in a library for someone to read decades from now!  My fervent prayer is for God's power to infuse my words . . . your words . . . what we write, what we say, how we speak and the thoughts our words convey . . . with His love.  Our time needs us and our God-ridden words like 1963 needed Martin Luther King and his impossibly possible dream!

If God were to make an "I have a dream" speech, what would He say?  He already did!! And who could improve upon words that ring on like this:

"I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people."

What stories is God weaving in your heart?
 What does it mean to you to be able to work in words?

Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude Monday
I hope you'll join in if you haven't already!

In the counting of the endless gifts I say with C. S. Lewis,
"This also is Thou!"

236. That Mom & Daddy's package finally arrived!!

237. Getting to hear how much they loved the presents inside!!
238. A foggy photo-rific morning where the sun and the fog were dancing together
239. Ice crystals that covered EVERYthing that morning
240. Mistletoe, its long history and its very current lesson for me
241. A photography book that is not only full of great tips, but that MAKES ME LAUGH! 
242. A good meeting with the PE teacher who had constructive ideas and encouragement for She So Sweet
243. The fun of Drummer Boy's stories when he gets home from work
244. Laughing so hard we could barely catch our breath
245. The chance to go out for dinner (a real treat these days) with the whole family because of my brother's generous gift
246. How good something tastes when you haven't had it for a long time--Elephant Bar's
Pan Braised Rock Sugar Beef With Pappardelle Noodles--hadn't had beef in ages and it's one of my favorite things!
247. That my computer is storing so many pictures I can't find the one I want (I'm choosing to see it as a good problem to have)
248. Humbling, uplifting words from precious souls who have been touched by my word offerings--I offer their comments up to You Lord, the glory is all Yours.
249. Sweet-smelling perfume
250. Knowing that You go ahead of us into this new week

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Life Under the Mistletoe

First, let me say that I understand why you will think this should have been a Christmas post when you see that I'm writing about mistletoe.  However, this time, my thoughts about mistletoe actually have little to do with Christmas, and maybe when you've read it, you'll think of mistletoe at times other than Christmas too.  Let's see . . .

I had never seen mistletoe growing until I moved to California when I was 18.

I had only ever seen the stiff plastic Christmas decoration kind, or the overpriced, wilted, bedraggled bits of it tied with a crumpled red ribbon that they'd sell alongside live Christmas trees.  All I knew was that I found it both a little thrilling and a little terrifying to be at social events where there was a sprig of mistletoe hung somewhere strategic, plastic or otherwise. Well, nothing magical ever happened to me under the mistletoe, but I always liked the idea of the tradition anyway.

As I said, never having seen how mistletoe grew, I was so surprised when a friend in Bible college first told me that those funny clumps of growth in the winter-bare Oak trees that dot the hills of Northern California were actually mistletoe.  I soon learned that this world-renowned plant burrows its roots right into the tree its seed has landed in, tapping into the water and nutrients coursing through the tree's system.  It is a parasite--so strange!

Many years later, in December of 2009 in fact, I chanced upon an episode of the Christian radio program Family Life Today (you can read the transcript of that show here).  That day they had as a guest, author, Ace Collins, and he was there to relate some of the highlights from his book 25 Days, 26 Ways to Make This Your Best Christmas Ever.  The part of that show that has stayed with me was his story about how early Christian missionaries in Scandinavia used the mistletoe which was alive in a "dead" tree, to help explain the message of Christ, His death on a tree and His resurrection from death to life.

There is one more little snippet of mistletoe's history that comes to my mind every time I look out across the hills and see those telltale clumps clinging to the Oak branches that host them.  Long ago Viking warriors were not permitted to fight their enemies under trees where mistletoe grew. Some accounts say they were actually required to embrace and work out their differences, at least for the rest of the day.  A moment of mortal combat, heavy with risk of death for one or both was transformed into a moment of life and promise for the warriors and the people they represented.

I wonder how many disputes were averted entirely because of this custom?

I have even read that this idea was used to work out troubles between arguing spouses.  This idea of mistletoe being a plant of peace and life, where disputes were resolved with an embrace or a kiss is at least in part the origin of our "kissing under the mistletoe" traditions of today.

I have had cause recently to think much on the subject of peace-making and working out differences.  The challenges I wrote about in those earlier posts are ongoing, and at the moment they feel as if they've gotten worse to the point that it's hard to see whether there will be an authentic way forward.

On a larger scale, our nation has been in heated discourse over the nature of our disagreements, political, religious and ideological, and how we talk to and about each other in the discussion.  Many are pointing fingers, even blaming some and their choice of words for the violence perpetrated in Tucson by a very disturbed individual.  The conversations out there are shrill and abrasive and like in my own situation, there is the potential for things to get worse if the shouting match continues.

I have no idea what the people on the other side of our personal dispute are going to do, nor can I foresee what people in our nation's leadership will do, but I am hoping that in all of these conversations there might be an under-the-mistletoe coming together for real peace and resolution for the hurts that have been suffered.

I have to admit that I am nervous about an upcoming meeting and am struggling a bit to put some mistletoe into my attitude, but I am praying for God to burrow the roots of His mistletoe peace into my heart at just the right moment.

To me this clump of mistletoe resembles a heart shape and it is this picture I want to carry in my mind's eye
 to keep the love of Christ ruling in my heart at all times.  Maybe it will speak to you too.
If Viking warriors could cease to strive with their mortal enemies in battle because they stood under a symbol of life and peace, how much more should spouses, neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ be able to come together under His loving headship and come to a place of reconciliation and genuine fellowship?  "Should" and "will" are two different things, but my prayer is that Jesus will be the mistletoe above our heads and that the Holy Spirit will enable us to find unity in the days ahead.

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you,
live at peace with everyone."

Have you ever had a conflict where Jesus was the mistletoe above your head?
Tell me your stories of reconciliation!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shattering the Shadow of Evil

"Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise,
making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil."
Ephesians 5:15-16 NIV 2010

" . . . because the days are evil."

Evil is a strong word.

Evil is a word some are afraid to say, thinking it "intolerant," which no one wants to be in a world where TOLERANCE is seen as the greatest good.

But evil is real.

We are well acquainted with the symptoms of evil, but it's "nicer" to call someone "misunderstood" rather than evil.  It's more politically correct to speak in societally acceptable postmodern gobbledygook about "my truth" or "doing what's right for me."

Then something happens that is so glaring, so stark in its evil that most of us have no qualms about saying the word and applying it where it fits.  The shooting in Tucson is such an event. 
While less widely publicized, there are murders and other violent crimes every day that are barely noticed by most of us because the victims weren't public figures. Is there any question in your mind that these are examples of evil?

While it is true that there are often tragic circumstances that help explain how people become perpetrators of heinous acts of murder and mayhem, the reasons behind the murderer's state of mind are irrelevant to the question of evil.  Murder is evil--God said so. It's not about your truth or my truth, it's about God's truth and His is the real thing.

The world is dark and dripping with evil. It has been ever since The Fall of mankind, and probably every generation from that one to this has had moments where they think to themselves, "This is the worst the world has ever been!" Ever hear yourself thinking that?  I do sometimes.

In Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time, a teenage girl named Meg Murray must travel through space to fight "The Black Thing" that holds her father captive on a planet that has given in to evil's dark shadow. From a vantage point out in space, she is able to see that the same Black Thing shrouds her own beloved earth. She is dismayed, until she is reminded that there are still people on earth fighting it, battling against evil . . . fighting darkness with the LIGHT.

"But let us who live in the light be clearheaded, protected by the armor of faith and love, and wearing as our helmet the confidence of our salvation."

1 Thessalonians 5:8 NLT

This picture was taken at 3:46 pm.  Ordinarily it would be broad daylight, but this storm was wild and dark and ominous.  Then the light punched its way through the clouds and threw its brightness all over the golden-green hills in the distance.

Light overcame darkness--it always will!

Just like The Black Thing in that favorite story of mine, we face a deep, dark, swallowing shadow in the evil that lives here on earth. Just like in that story, we are in the fight of our lives against it. Just like in that story, it is LIGHT

. . . the light of LOVE . . . 

that SHATTERS the darkness! Evil doesn't stand a chance against love!!

In what ways do you fight the shadow of evil?
Tell me about a time when the light of love in you shattered the darkness!

I'm joining Ann Voskamp in her counting of the multitude of gifts God bestows everyday!
I hope you'll join in if you haven't already!


221. For a fun BSF girls get-together and grilled sweet potatoes for breakfast

222. For Janet's story of peace that encouraged me
223. For consensus on a next step and prayer support to go ahead of us
224. For the chance to go to lunch with K2   =]
225. The unbelievable way Mom & Daddy knocked my biggest excuse right out from under me with an incredibly generous offer
226. Teasing She So Sweet at Peet's and the way she only pretended to mind
227. Conversation with Drummer Boy:  DB-"What did you make?" Me-"Burritos" DB-"YES!!" Me-  =)
228. An impromptu "Leadership Forum" at Starbucks, called by a very spontaneous Hero Husband
229. She So Sweet's leadership story of challenging a former friend on his decision to sell drugs
230. Drummer Boy's leadership story of setting a good example in excellence and diligence for his coworkers at two different jobs
231. Hero Husband's leadership that always starts at home
232. A new season of the PBR!!
233. That I found two things I really needed to find
234. For God's protection over all our comings and goings this week
235. For baby steps in the right direction

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