Thursday, January 27, 2011

So That You May Overflow

My keyboard has been beckoning.

I have been avoiding.

My mind is a blank.  A void, empty, white page.

The old fear oozes and drips from my workspace in the dining room and I recoil even as I am drawn close.  I deeply long to write, but . . . what if I've had my last idea worth writing for eyes other than my own?  What if I've already shown my last picture worth seeing?  What if my own limitations are all I have to draw from and all my ideas are exhausted?

Fear notwithstanding, it is hope that drives me to sit once more, to finger-dance across the keys whose letters are wearing off, to haltingly put the spark of an idea into black-on-white.  It is hope that pulls me like a magnet to grab my camera and go in search of inspiration--IT always finds ME!

Fear notwithstanding . . . because ultimately fear never can withstand HOPE.

Hope--the silver lining that compels me to KNOW the sun is above and beyond the menacing cloud!

Hope--the WILL to TRY before the idea has shown its face . . . the lens through which my eye SEEKS and captures light, the light of glory . . . God's glory . . . my precious Jesus who is the Light of the World and the eternal WORD!

Hope--not the "I hope so" kind of hope, but HOPE that flows out of faith in something beyond certainty, faith in the promise of the One who cannot lie!

My own limitations only drive me to Him!  What a blessing to have no delusions of self-sufficiency! What a weird, backwards gift to know through and through that I am empty . . . empty enough for Him to fill me.

The fact that I am limited means I am made to overflow.
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."  Romans 15:13 NIV
May every word I write, every picture I take, every song I sing and every smile I share be drenched in joy and peace and trust and OVERFLOWING HOPE.  God made us to be overflow-ers!  I need the overflow of Him through you--you give me hope!  Wonder of wonders, He made me to overflow something of Him to bless you and give you hope.  I don't know how you found me today, whether it's your first time here or your tenth--I am humbled that you're here.  I pray that somehow, God's hope will overflow from this cracked and very limited vessel to bless your seeking heart wherever you are.

Do you ever feel like you've had your last good idea?
How do you find your silver lining?


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