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I have been joyously married to Tony (Hero Husband) for 24 years and we are blessed with two amazing children, a 21 year old college-student, musician son (Drummer Boy) and a 16 year old very creative, very competitive daughter (She So Sweet). I am a Christ-follower and live to love Him and bless people. I pray that you always find more of Him here than of me.

Just by way of introduction, here are 25 random things about me:

1) As a kid I competed with my horse, Velvet, and together we won ribbons in Stake Racing, Pole Bending and Barrel Racing.
2) I had a brief stint as a horse thief as a teenager (with my friend Lynn). Really! Okay, so we thought we were rescuing a stray, but in fact we were stealing him from where he belonged.
3) I was nearly run over by a train on horseback with my almost-sister Sarah Lyn.
4) I am pretty darn clutzy sometimes--I once fell off the monkey bars and managed to land tailbone-first on the 2x4 border around the sand instead of in the sand.
5) I own a piece of my high school gym floor that was in use from 1949-2000--a truly prized possession, even moreso now that the gym is gone!
6) I went to over 200 Christian concerts in less than 5 years when I was the buyer in a Christian music store!
7) I have hearing loss in my right ear from two of those concerts--one was Stryper (Christian heavy metal) and the other was Amy Grant--go figure! Both were before I knew I should be wearing earplugs, especially if I was going to sit in the front row next to a huge stack of speakers!
8) In those same five years I lived in the city (San Jose, CA) without a car--I do NOT recommend it!
9) In those same five years I moved 10 times and survived 21 roommates--there are only a few that I ended up on speaking terms with!
10) I am a Mayflower descendant--my American roots go VERY deep!
11) I am a life-long sports fan, and particularly love football and bull riding!
12) I drove myself to the hospital when I was in labor with my daughter.
13) I used to be terrified of hippies.
14) Before we were married, my husband and I used to play Trivial Pursuit over the phone 50 miles apart--he in Oakland, I in San Jose.
15) During one of those games (with some of his friends playing too) I knew the answer to the question "What game sees stones thrown at houses?" Anybody else know? Hero Husband and his friends were amazed :) Answer in comment below :)
16) I once saw a police officer pointing a gun at a suspect.
17) I have over 25,000 pictures on my hard drive. Yes, I do have them backed up!!
18) I loved growing up a coach's daughter and getting to have my Dad for my PE teacher!!
19) My favorite restaurant anywhere, anytime, was the Country Squire in Naramata, BC. A close second was the Gingerbread House in Oakland, CA. Sadly, neither one is in business anymore.
20) I was the mascot for the cheerleaders at the high school where my dad taught when I was 5 years old.
21) I moved from Iowa to Canada in a big yellow Ryder truck pulling our Volkswagen behind it when I was 8 years old.
22) I am a night owl caught in the life of a morning person!
23) I love dark chocolate! Milk chocolate isn't even a mild temptation.
24) I lived through both the '89 Loma Prieta Earthquake and the '91 Oakland Fire.
I love studying the Bible and live to follow the Carpenter whose story it tells! I pray that this is increasingly obvious in my life!


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