Monday, October 1, 2012

Gratitude Goes On


Have you given up on me? I wouldn't blame you if you had!! It has been far too long since I've posted anything, and I'm afraid today isn't a normal post either, but it is evidence that even when life crowds in and pushes some things out of the picture for a time, the gratitude goes on!

All is well and God is good, friends!! September has been busy with a very demanding class at school and a wonderful, fun-filled, celebratory, re-unifying, much-too-short family get-together with my family from all over North America to celebrate my little brother's wedding! How we laughed and enjoyed our time together!! JOY! JOY! JOY! And boatloads of EUCHARISTEO!!

Wishing you all a week filled with gifts and praying that I will soon be back to something like a normal blog schedule! I miss you!!


Joining Ann Voskamp in counting His graces for her Multitudes on Monday
I hope you'll join in if you haven't already!
In the counting of the endless gifts I say with C. S. Lewis,
"This also is Thou!"

Counting my next 1000 Gifts, joining Ann in The Joy Dare--like a scavenger hunt for graces, gifts and glory!! Wanna come along?  I dare ya!!

The continuing JOY DARE: 
#1738-1821 (September 2nd through September 29th)

2. 3 gifts cut
Crunchy, sweet, juicy carrots
Thin slices of tri-tip, dripping with barbeque sauce
My time behind the wheel since I now have two kids driving
3. 3 gifts yellow
Fragrantly ripe bananas
Neon yellow sticky-note tags that help me organize school stuff
Mustard on scrambled eggs
4. A gift cool, warm, sun-soaked
Morning air
After dinner coffee with Hero Husband
Mt. Diablo in the afternoon
5. 3 gifts autumn
My birthday, and the extraordinarily sweet and generous ways my family blessed me
Getting to watch a great big turkey hen fly right over the house!
6. 3 gifts growing
The number of classes I've completed! (six so far)
My excitement for the upcoming wedding and family time
My love for my beautiful family--more every day!
7. 3 gifts given
The sacrificial way my kids gave toward my birthday gift--so much more than I would ever have dreamed!
Little presents for my niece & nephews
Unexpected chance to see a friend too long away!
8. A gift made, masked, marveled
Delicious dinner made by She So Sweet
The colors of sunset
9. 3 gifts framed
My children's faces
Cherished memories
Endless beauty I see through my camera's lens--I see in rectangles!
10. 3 gifts moving
Spinning, revolving earth that moves according to His command
Me, moving through life's seasons with joy and great company
Clock hands and calendar pages that help me keep track (could they slow down just a little?)
11. 3 hard eucharisteo
The stress from so many good things to do
The friction that sometimes arises seemingly out of nowhere
That iron sharpening iron produces sparks
12. 3 gifts in His Word
Stories that help us understand
Promises that help us live in hope
Encouragement that keeps us going strong
13. A gift scented, scrawled, started
Lavender Mint shampoo at Paul Mitchell The School
Grocery list that we all add to, as needed
This week's school work--so much of it in this class!
14. 3 gifts drawn
The faces She So Sweet is so gifted at drawing
The drawings Drummer Boy does for his art class, even though he hates doing it
Blinds that help keep it cool when the afternoon sun beats in
15. 3 gifts paired
She So Sweet singing with her friend, Bianca
A pair of new friends I met at Starbucks
16. 3 gifts shared
Photography--shared with both my kids
Crazy moments when messes happen and you find a way to come out closer together
My colorful new kitchen knives
17. 3 gifts ugly-beautiful
Evidence that this house is lived-in
Evidence that the people in this house have plenty of clothes that need washing
Evidence that time is precious and in short supply
18. A gift fixed, folded, freckled
My sunglasses finally adjusted so they don't fall off!
Clean pillowcases
Cute kid noses
19. 3 gifts in conversation
Grace for ruffled feathers
Plans sorted out
Jokes, puns, and witticisms
20. 3 gifts in salvation
Forgiveness--oh how I need it!
Hope--oh how it sustains me!
Relationship--oh what a wonder!
21. 3 gifts in information
How to get where you're going
How far you have to go to get there
The ability to make plans to connect with people
22. A gift rattling, receding, reclaiming
The blades of a very welcome fan
Heat when the sun goes down
Comfortable clothes and relaxation after the big event
23. 3 gifts quiet
Late night and early morning
Peaceful places
24. 3 gifts funny
Family banter on a road trip
Young cousins giggling uncontrollably together
My 1yo nephew's already developing sense of humor
25. 3 gifts finished
A wonderful, too-short trip to Southern California for a beautiful wedding
A difficult week of school, completed despite being out of town--I love online learning!
At least most of the things I had hoped to accomplish before the trip--nice to come home to a clean house!
26. 3 gifts flourishing
My mini rosebush I planted outside
All the birds who seem to love the new location of our birdbath
Both my children who are enjoying great favor and high praise in their respective jobs--hard work and caring about customers are a potent combination!
27. A gift unexpected, uneven, unpopular
The Kindle Fire HD  I unexpectedly received for my birthday--it is an unexpected little treasure of usefulness and fun!
The uneven surfaces of streets and roads that need fixing, but for which I am very thankful
Opinions, and the freedom to hold and express them
28. 3 gifts shy
She So Sweet (who doesn't let her shyness hold her back!)
Birds whenever I pull my camera out
The lizard who lives behind our mailbox--Peek-a-boo!
29. 3 gifts shelved
My overflowing pantry--plentifully stocked and severely in need of  attention!
My accumulating collection of school textbooks--each one representing a milestone on the way to my goal!
My desk cabinets, newly organized and a joy to behold (sometimes I open the doors just to enjoy the view )


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