Monday, February 14, 2011

My Beloved . . . and Me


He looked like he'd stepped off the pages of Sports Illustrated and had a name to match--Tony Friday.

He was lean and strong and every bit of "tall, dark and handsome."

He loved His Momma and he gallantly opened doors for me.

He made me laugh out loud and made me think deeply.

He could hold a note forEVER and suddenly make characters spring to life with no warning.

He was a big kid and he was a Bible scholar.

He made me feel both completely safe and wildly vulnerable.

He was everything I wanted, and wonder of wonders, he wanted ME!

Me . . . the girl who had never had a boyfriend before him.

Me . . . the girl who was 22 years old before she got her first kiss . . . and he gave it to her.

Me . . . the girl who had always felt on the outside looking in when it came to love.

Me . . . the girl who never thought she measured up to the brand of beauty the world required.

Me . . . he wanted . . . me.


He is nothing but a gift!  He is living, breathing, powerful evidence of God's love toward me--that He would grace me with this man, this walking gift of love and life--I am wordless, speechless, unable to come up with anything to express my gratitude to God for him.  I am no better at wrapping words around all I feel for my Hero Husband who means more to me than my little, broken efforts can ever convey.  I pray that somehow my life with him says what I have no words for and that I can be, every day, a better Valentine to him than I was the day before.

"My beloved is mine and I am his . . ."

When I met my Tony Friday it gave the expression TGIF a whole new meaning--it still does!
And I like it that it's always Friday at our house!! 

Wishing everyone a Valentine's Day that is a pure reflection of the perfect love of God!

Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude Monday
I hope you'll join in if you haven't already!
In the counting of the endless gifts I say with C. S. Lewis,
"This also is Thou!"


296. Phone call from Hero Husband to tell me Super Bowl day blog post is one of his favorites!
297. The way the whole house vibrates its joy when Drummer Boy plays his drums
298. Seeing clothes yield their wrinkles to the steam
299. Ladybugs & Mustard pollen!
300. A few minutes between pickups & drop-offs to take pictures of Mt. Diablo 
301. The way bronchitis (or whatever it is) makes you appreciate that you can USUALLY walk up a small hill AND breathe at the same time.
302. That I didn't pass out on that walk up a small hill--sheesh!
303. A day of feeling LOUSY and how it makes you appreciate all the days you feel well enough to function.
304. Answered prayers for Generous S-I-L and Hero Husband who worked so well together
305. That shattered drinking glasses and ruined food are on my list of "won't be's" in Heaven
306. That Hero Husband was so smart about his LONG bike ride
307. Drummer Boy and his generous heart (Los jeans)   =]
308. The way She So Sweet looks in yellow :) 
309. Things you "stumble" across just when you need them
310. Hero Husband and his uplifting, encouraging, motivating spirit!!!  He is my Valentine!!!

Also joining L.L. Barkat for:
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