Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple Simplicity

I love Christmas lights!!  I love the color and dazzle they bring!  I love that they illustrate the truth that Jesus came as the Light of the world!  Every year there are a number of houses I can't wait to see decorated! Some of them are so elaborate, I think the people must have to start around the 4th of July to get all those lights in place for the next Christmas season!  I love it that there are people who will go to these lengths, but it makes me tired just to think about all that work!!  Here is a video of one such magical place (I've never been there, but would love to see this in person!)--more power to 'em!!

Pretty great, huh?!!  I think so too!

Of all the houses that I love to see decorated, there is one house I look forward to more than all the others.  They came through for me just this past weekend, much to my delight!!  My son called me a "creeper" for going and lurking in front of this house, quietly snapping pictures to capture it, but I LOVE THIS PLACE and I HAD to share it with you!!  


How amazing is that?!!!  Do you not love the complete and utter simple simplicity of this?  It makes me happy every. single. year!!  I think it is brilliant that with the changing of two little light bulbs, this guy (it has to be a guy, right?) makes his statement crystal clear--THIS HOUSE CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS!  No fuss, no muss, no complications, but so definite, so distinct!

It is easy to feel pressured by the expectations of the season, by traditions you may or may not love, by what the neighbors do, by your own desire to do something superlative to celebrate Christmas.  It can be disheartening if your circumstances don't allow you to celebrate the way you picture it in your ideal Christmas visions.
This gloriously (albeit simply) adorned house puts it all back in perspective.

God did the most amazing, unimaginable and God-sized miracle that first Christmas, but He did it in the humblest of places through the most ordinary people with an audience of animals and farm hands under the light of one single star.  How could He do something so great, so grand, so anticipated, so desperately needed--and do it in such unassuming simplicity?

As I try to prepare both my home and my heart for Christmas, I think often of these two simple lamps that say openly, definitely, distinctly, "This house celebrates Christmas!"  It makes me want to keep Christmas simple no matter the complications of the preparations.  

I pray that I can keep Jesus Christ and His beautiful, humble, passion to save the world, foremost in all I do.  In all of our efforts to observe Christmas, I want, like the simple simplicity of a red bulb and a green bulb that symbolize so much more, to be stayed on the simple simplicity of Christmas.  I want to fix my mind on the God who saw sinners in need of a Savior and said, "Go to their rescue, my Son!"  I want to know no other Christmas thought than "Immanuel, God with us!"  I want no other purpose but to say, "This heart celebrates the Christ of Christmas!"

For you, you who are kind enough to come read the words I offer, if you've never met the Son of God, the One who set aside His divine privilege for the joy of coming to your rescue, I pray that this would be the Christmas when true Christmas finds its way into your heart forever!  And if you know Him, oh I hope you know Him, I pray that you would know Him more vividly, more deeply and more in the simple simplicity of profound JOY than ever before!

"For God so loved the world,
that He gave
His only Son,
that whoever believes in Him
should not perish
 but have
eternal life."
John 3:16 ESV

That, simply, is Christmas.

How do you keep Christmas simple, even in the midst of elaborate preparations?

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