Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Single Step

A single step off the path is enough to change your destination.

At 17, I was on a path in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts degree at a Bible college in Hawaii. Three weeks before I was to leave my home in British Columbia, Canada to fly to Honolulu, I got word that this school I was to attend was opening a sister institution in San Jose, California. Everyone I had met the previous spring, including the president of the college was going to be in San Jose. What to do?


San Jose??

Another Bible college??

I wanted my parents to tell me what to do. They would not. They wanted me to make my own decision. I was not even 18 yet, and not accustomed to making such big decisions myself, but they had faith that God could and would guide me in making the choice. I asked God for wisdom and guidance, and prayed like never before. Against all the odds, maybe even against reason and common sense, but very much in faith, I decided to go to San Jose.

I loved it! I loved my classmates! I loved my professors and was incredibly blessed to sit under their ministry and instruction. My relationship with God was growing by great leaps and bounds, battles with worry and fear notwithstanding. Bible college was everything I had hoped it would be and more!

Unexpectedly, after only 2 years, the very small, brand new Bible college fell out from under me (I'll spare you the why's and wherefore's). As disappointing as that was, given the chance, I would not trade away the things I learned in the 2 years of intensive Bible education I had nor the relationships I built during that time! They are priceless to me. Sadly though, on the practical side, the accreditation process was not complete, so the classes I had taken counted for exactly NOTHING as far as any other college was concerned.

So I stopped.

I allowed that one setback to put a halt to my entire education plan. I stepped off the path I had started down. It wasn't intentional, but neither was I intentional about figuring out what Plan B for my education was. I just threw myself into my job and mentally put school on a shelf . . .

. . . for TWENTY. SIX. YEARS.

Now, lest you think that was all bad, it wasn't. Through the job I had (and loved), I met My Tony, married him and we have our two amazing children as a result! I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING!! I am not the least bit sorry about where that detour led me!!

What I AM sorry about is that I let so much time go by without retrieving the reins on my education! There always seemed to be other priorities, or finances seemed impossible, or time constraints got in the way. At every juncture I allowed obstacles to prevent me from doing something I absolutely should have done, something I realized in hindsight was more important to me than I knew.

Well, no more!! No more excuses!! I still have too many other things going on, not enough money, certainly no extra time to spare, but finally I am going to step back out in faith and trust that God can and will guide me, equip me and order my steps as I put myself in a position to live up to my potential and to achieve a goal I had set for myself.

A meandering road to be sure, but always pursuing Him. Roundabout? Yes. Wasted? Never! My education may take longer than it should have, but it was custom-designed for me by the One who leads me so patiently. He will take what looked to me like a misstep and turn it into a single step on the "road less traveled."

A single step off the path is enough to change your destination . . .

. . . and a single step in the right direction can lead you back.

11 I have taught you in the way of wisdom; I have led you in right paths. 12 When you walk, your steps will not be hindered, And when you run, you will not stumble. (Proverbs 4:11-12, New King James Version)
Have you taken a detour on your way to your goals?
Would you like to get back on track?
How can I pray for you?


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