Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Living Color in a Greyscale World

I watched the news this morning. Ever feel like Henny Penny was right and the sky really is falling? Bombs in far away places, more than 100 killed, mostly women and children . . . The powers that be, fighting for the lives of fish and animals while they callously starve people and abort babies . . . World leaders promising to save the world while they try to steal our freedom . . . A 15 year old girl gang-raped while a crowd of onlookers just watched the show . . . A 7 year old girl, slain, discarded with the trash, laid to rest in a coffin excruciatingly small . . . How bleak the view where there aren't shades of grey black enough to do justice to the darkness of the scenes played out before our incredulous eyes. What do we do when it looks so impenetrably dark? How do we keep from giving in to the sadness and fear and hopelessness of a despairing world? Even worse, what do we do about a world blinded to the darkness to the point that some even call darkness light. If you're feeling alone in the shadows, may I introduce you to Jesus Christ, the Light of the world who loved you enough to shatter the long terrifying night!! Look to Him!
"the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned." Matthew 4:16 NIV
For those of us who know Him, this is the very time for us to live in full, glorious, vivid living color! That is what Jesus did when He came to this dark planet as the Light of the world. He shone more light into the world in 3½ years than the world has known in all the other years of its previous history combined. That light is still shining and He wants to shine through us like the sun through a prism!
"There it was--the true Light was then coming into the world the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light that illumines every person." John 1:9 AMP
The color of a thing is moot unless there is light shining on it. The darker it is all around, the more striking the colors when the light hits. We have an extraordinary privilege and responsibility to be the full rainbow of color God created, in a world that knows only greyscale. Their starving eyes need to know more than grey upon grey upon black--they need all the colors of a faith placed in the Creator of light and color--Jesus Christ Himself!! I want to be a prism to refract the Son's light to others. I want to be like the torch of an autumn tree, blazing with color as winter-death comes on. Let's live in living color!! Here is an old song I love to remind us of His colorful life! What are some practical ways we can live in color? What will you do this week to be a vivid display of the Light of the world shining through you? Share your ideas with me!!


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